Acoustic Treatment

Acoustic Treatment or Sound Abatement is the strategic use of sound absorbing or acoustic panels to reduce unwanted sound reflections so you can hear more clearly. Your message is important and needs to be heard and understood whether it’s a sermon, music, conference call or a presentation. Adding acoustic panels in an environment can drastically reduce the high ambient noise levels or improve the audio quality or quality of recordings. Turning up the volume only increases the problem and discomfort.


Sound Absorbing & Acoustic Panels

Panels come in a large variety of sizes, types and colors to meet your design, budgetary, and durability requirements. Sound absorbing panels can be fabric-wrapped, made from a Class A fire rated acoustic foam, or covered in perforated metal. Polyester, polypropylene, cotton and fiberglass wall and ceiling mountable panels are also available. We have panels suitable for use in both indoor and outdoor applications.

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