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Acoustic Treatment

Acoustic Treatment is the strategic use of sound absorbing or acoustic panels to reduce unwanted reflections of sound in an environment.

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Assistive Listening

Assistive Listening systems help people listen in difficult environments.

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Audio Conferencing

Audio Conferencing, or conducting a conference call, is a meeting conducted with multiple callers and is a way to boost team collaboration.

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Digital Signage

Digital Signage enhances our ability to communicate with audio and video in critical ways to any audience.

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Engineering and Design

Schiller’s uses a three step approach to deliver the right audio-visual solution to you.

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Audio Visual systems need the right furniture to optimize ergonomics and system reliability.

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Interactive Presentation

Interactive Presentation systems provide touch and handwriting input for natural interaction with digital content.

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Presentation systems allow the easy distribution of digital content to a large audience.

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Room Scheduling

Room Scheduling operates via a touch screen that can be used to determine room availability and book the space.

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Sound Systems

Sound Systems, or sound reinforcement systems, provide amplification for voice and music to ensure the entire audience can hear.

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Speech Privacy

Speech Privacy, or sound masking, is the process of adding low level background sound to reduce noise distractions, mask human speech, protect speech privacy, and increase office comfort.

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Video Conferencing

Video conferencing helps today's companies save money by reducing travel expenses and allowing employees to connect and share ideas and content all over the world.

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Web Conferencing

Web Conferencing is an online collaboration service that allows the sharing of video, audio and computer content via your PC to a remote audience.

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Wireless Collaboration

Wireless collaboration allows anyone to connect their PC or mobile device wirelessly to a projector or a display, enhancing collaboration and reducing meeting setup time.

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