Needs Assessments

Protection and Support for your Audio-Visual Investment

The Schiller Care Program is an important component of your solution. It exists to protect your investment, manage your cost of ownership, and provide peace of mind.


Schiller Care Program

Schiller’s can provide maintenance and service agreements customized to any system and budget. Beginning to secure your investment is as easy as filling out our Needs Assessment Form.


Support for your audio-visual investment begins with workmanship, which is the result of human interaction. We believe in our expert technicians, and guarantee our workmanship for one year. No questions asked.

Extended Warranties

Schiller’s offers extended warranties on almost all of the equipment we provide. Though the majority of our equipment comes with a manufacturer’s warranty, extending this warranty can provide peace of mind, as well as a guaranteed low-cost length of service.

Dependable Service

Finally, we ensure our system remains dependable. Schiller’s can offer labor warranties that will include preventative maintenance, troubleshooting, replacement, or repair. These warranties can be customized to your individual needs, budget, and level of risk.

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